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12 Tips to Selling Your Temecula Home

‘Tis the season for selling houses in Temecula, California. Grab home buyers’ attention now and sell your Temecula home this season. Use our 12 tips to selling your home to get your property “sell ready.”

1. Find an Agent

A selling agent may have helped you buy your home, but now you need a listing agent to help you sell it. Your agent will list your home on the Multiple Listing Service and market your house to selling agents who will show it to buyers. Talk to a few agents in the Temecula area and see how we offer a unique selling strategy for your home.

2. See What Your Home is Worth

See what other homes in the neighborhood have sold for and order an appraisal. Your agent may have done a comparative market analysis on your home, which can give you a good idea of how much your home is worth. To see what your home is worth in Temecula, use our free home valuation tool:

Temecula Home Valuation

3. Decide on a Listing Price

After assessing your home’s value, you may want to list your house slightly above market value to leave room for negotiations. However, pricing your home too high will turn off potential buyers.

4. Make any Necessary Repairs

If there is a hole in the wall, fix it. If there is a crack in the tile, replace it. Imperfections like these will make your buyers question the quality of your home’s construction and drive them to look at other houses.

5. Clear the Clutter in each Room

De-cluttering your house in order to sell it also includes de-personalizing it, so family photos and personal collections need to be cleared out. Take advantage of the holidays to re-gift or donate everything you can. Buyers will open closets, so don’t try to hide everything in there.

6. Arrange Furniture in a way that Sells

Avoid showing an empty room. It is difficult for buyers to get an accurate sense of scale in a room completely devoid of furnishings. However, overly crowded rooms can also look smaller than they really are. Walk into each room and see if you can remove one large piece of furniture to open up the room without sacrificing function.

Morgan Hill in Temecula CA

7. Stage the Bathroom

For buyers, white equals new. Replace avocado toilets and teal sinks with simple white ones. Clean the grout between the tiles until it is white, or re-grout if necessary. Buy a new, white shower curtain. Make sure all beauty/hygiene products are off the counter.

8. Stage the Kitchen

Try to limit the number of countertop appliances. If you have open shelving, make sure they are sparsely accessorized. Remove hutches, free-standing islands, kitchen carts, extra dining chairs, and anything else hogging square footage.

9. Enhance the Curb Appeal

Make sure your sidewalk and driveway are clean. If the siding looks dirty, have it cleaned or painted. Consider installing a new front door or replacing the doorknob.

10. Add Seasonal Touches

Hang a wreath, deck the fireplace mantel, and set a centerpiece on your table. Use fresh pine or seasonal fragrances to invoke a festive mood. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves celebrating the holidays in their new home.

11. Prepare and Host an Open House

Put a sign in your yard and use technology to market your house. Secure valuables, leave the premises and let your agent talk to buyers during the open house. Buyers will feel more free to critique your house if you are not there.

12. Adjust the Selling Strategy as Needed

If you don’t receive an offer on your house, review the feedback from your open house with your agent and make changes as necessary.

Selling Your Home in Temecula, CA

If you’d like more information about selling your home in Temecula, read our free home seller’s eBook:

Temecula Home seller eBook

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