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3 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Real estate has always been a highly competitive market, especially in Temecula. So, it’s only natural for homeowners to be thinking of new ways to increase their home’s value. However, this doesn’t mean doing an entire overhaul on your property to maximize potential. Simple measures and careful maintenance are sometimes all you need to increase a listing price from $300,000 to $350,000. That’s the power of $100 home solutions.

To make sure you use your time and money efficiently, see what small home improvement projects can increase your resale value:

1. Take Care of Landscaping

home landscaping
by Paul Moon Design

One of the biggest selling factors homeowners forget about is their yard. Curb appeal is the first thing that draws home buyers to your property, and it’s the first impression they’ll receive of your house. If you have brown patches and weeds sprouting up everywhere, home buyers will instantly be put off by your home. They’ll see money needing to be wasted on the yard, if they even make an offer. In return, you lose tremendous resale value.

All you need to impress home buyers with your yard is trimmed, green grass and a few flower pots sitting around your entryway. You can take it to the next level by adding a few bushes or palmetto trees around the yard to add a luxurious touch.

2. Minor Kitchen Upgrades Offer The Biggest Return

Remodeling your kitchen can get expensive, but if you utilize creative solutions, you can easily stay within a budget and still make a drastic return of investment. The cheapest upgrade you can do is replace the fixtures. Switching out the faucets and changing up the lighting can make a lasting impression that has buyers pulling out their checkbook. Going one step further, you could upgrade your appliances and refinish the cabinets. With the kitchen, you can easily recoup your investment and earn profit.

3. Add Light With French Doors

french doors
by Koch Architects, Inc

Natural light is your ally. Homes seem bigger and more charming when they have plenty of natural light to brighten up the interior. And with the perception of more space, comes the ability to ask for more money on the listing price. If you don’t have lots of natural light or windows, try adding in a couple french doors. They bring in tons of light and serve as a special feature to the home. Think about your home’s advertisement: “French doors lead to the garden.” Buyers will be biting at this feature and coming to you with offers. Light is definitely a money maker for your home.

Selling Your Home

When you’re ready to sell your home investment, it’s important to not only have everything fixed, but added with small details that set you apart from the competition. A lot of homes have green yards, but do they have an exquisite garden? Does your home have upgraded features that make your home look new and fresh? Tiny things like this can increase your home’s value tremendously, turning a $100 budget into a $1000 gain.

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