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Add Home Appeal with a Garden Shed

With the rise of the “seller’s” market in Temecula, there are many homeowners looking to sell their property. Some have advantages over others while others may be in the perfect location for certain buyers. But if you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition and increasing your home’s value, consider something no other homeowner has tried: Adding a garden shed to your property.

Everyone has remodeled kitchens or updated furnishings, but those who can add a special touch to the yard are rare and few. Here are some benefits to adding a garden shed:

Temecula Garden Shed
by Rikki Snyder

Garden Shed Storage Versatility

Garden storage sheds are a multipurpose building that can be used for storage, a playhouse, or a hobby shop. Garden storage sheds are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and construction materials. Top brand name shed manufactures in Temecula offer appealing garden sheds constructed from wood, vinyl, plastic, and other certified metal composites. Homeowners who add garden storage sheds to their properties can further enhance the style of their home by complementing the shed with shutter windows, specialty style doors, ramps, skylights, insulation, vents, outdoor flower boxes, solar panels, and many other exciting and sustainable features.

Temecula Storage Shed Rules

There are many residential communities which require property owners to notify their neighbors when a storage shed is added to the environment. However, in beautiful Temecula, neighbors already feature unique standing garden storage sheds. Temecula zoning codes don’t require property owners to secure a building permit for storage sheds, if they are freestanding and are not more than 30 inches above grade. Depending on the use for garden storage sheds by homeowners, an inspection by the Temecula Building and Safety Department, on downtown Main Street, will be required. The Temecula regulations also require storage sheds that are more than 120 square feet and that are outfitted with electricity or plumbing have a building application and permit.

Temecula Garden Sheds
by Solomon+Bauer+Giambastiani Architects

Selling Your Home With A Shed

Beautifully constructed garden storage sheds are a great property investment for Temecula homes. Storage sheds help to increase the marketability of a home, especially if it is added to the asking price for a Temecula property. Not all homes in the Greater Temecula area have garden storage sheds, so if you are selling your home, this feature will up the ante in purchasing power. Adding a well constructed and designed storage shed to your property’s selling price will at least afford your original investment back to you. Another key factor in retaining a storage shed on your Temecula property or if you are selling your home, is the insurance factor. Insurance discounts are provided to property owners with quality garden storage sheds.

Benefits of a Storage Shed

The choices for adding a garden storage shed on a southwestern Riverside County property site includes a pre-assembled shed or a DIY construction. Either construction will enhance the beauty of a home if it matches the architectural construction of the parent house. A storage shed can be made to blend into parts of your Temecula home and garden by style, color, and other design elements. Garden storage sheds are durable, versatile, cost effective, and are very popular within the Temecula communities. Property owners in California enjoy the safety and security that storage sheds implore for all outdoor specialty option choices.

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