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Bottles & Bottles: Temecula’s Best Wineries

Popularized as wine country, Temecula has crafted its name from award-winning wineries sitting along scenic California valleys. With the city’s unique microclimate and well-drained granite soil, wineries have been able to produce spectacular tastings for the last few decades. However, only a few stand out from the crowd as “best” winery in Temecula.


From careful nourishment and proper handling to world-class resorts, the experience of tasting wine has never been better.

Check out our featured wineries of Temecula:

  • The Wilson Creek Winery has been dubbed the “unofficial official winery” of many U.S. Navy ships, including 8 aircraft carriers. Their internationally famed “Almond Champagne” has been coveted by wine lovers for years, and been featured in several celebrity events.
  • The Miramonte Winery put an extreme emphasis on the wine experience, providing after-hour events for guests and creating livelier adventures.
  • The South Coast Winery took an alternative route, realizing wine and relaxation should go hand-in-hand. With multiple spas and villas to rest in, you’ll fight with yourself over leaving.
  • The Falkner Winery sits atop beautiful foothills with rows of grape vines serving as a backdrop to your experience. Their banquet facilities allow guests to host large parties while tasting amazing wines.
  • The Callaway Vineyard has continued to be one of the top producers of America’s favorite wines, and houses one of the “Hot 100 Restaurants in the Inland Empire.”

Map of Our Featured Wineries

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For a better understanding of Temecula’s wineries, watch this featured video by TemeculaWines:

Temecula Real Estate

Temecula’s wineries have thrived from the unique climate and local community, but that “Temecua” experience isn’t limited to the wineries. Living in the area is coupled with scenic overlooks of vineyards, excellent schools, leisure activities, and charming architecture. To learn more about Temecula real estate, read our guide (click here) or view our current listings:

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