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Category: Seller Tools

    Preparing Your Home for Rain!

    By Lisa Forss | January 14, 2023

    TOP 8 TIPS TO KEEP THE RAIN FROM WREAKING HAVOC   Clear the gutters: Make sure your gutters are clear of debris so that they can properly divert rainwater away from your home. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage, and can even cause roof leaks. Trim trees and shrubs: Make sure to trim trees and shrubs... Read More

    Selling a Home Amid the CoronaVirus Pandemic

    By Goran and Lisa Forss | April 1, 2020

    Interview with Lisa Forss of Team Forss Realty APRIL 1, 2020 ORIGINALLY POSTED ON KFROG.RADIO.COM The coronavirus pandemic has caused industries to change the way they do business. Lisa Forss of Team Forss Realty explains how they’ve changed their approach to make it a safe experience for both the buyer and seller. The home you’re... Read More

    The Truth About Selling Your Own Home

    By Vanessa Silva | March 11, 2019

    A lot of homeowners are convinced that if they’re willing to put in a little more effort on their own, they’ll end up turning a bigger profit when selling their home. While there are some rare examples where this may be true, the vast majority of evidence suggests otherwise. In most cases, people who sell... Read More

    5 Questions to Ask When Selling Your Home

    By Vanessa Silva | January 29, 2019

    When selling your home, it’s important to ask the right questions. It can be a timely — and occasionally stressful — process, so making sure everyone is on the same page throughout is key in getting your home ready for the sale.   What is the typical time frame for selling? This question is a... Read More

    Why to Buy and Sell a Home in the Winter

    By Vanessa Silva | December 28, 2018

    Winter weather usually has everyone hiding indoors—waiting for the spring to start the home buying and selling process. If you are interested in buying or selling a home, don’t wait! There are plenty of advantages to buying and selling during the winter season. Less competition Many people wait until warmer months to come around to... Read More

    How Soon Should You Get an Agent Involved in Your Home Sale?

    By Goran and Lisa Forss | October 31, 2017

    Looking to buy a home? Search all homes for sale here. Looking to sell your home? Use our free home evaluation tool here. If you’re planning on selling your home at some point down the road, at what point do you get an agent involved? The answer is: As soon as you think it’s time.... Read More

    Tips to Sell Your Home During the Winter

    By Goran and Lisa Forss | December 21, 2016

    Looking to buy a home? Search all homes for sale here. Looking to sell your home? Use our free home evaluation tool here.   Selling your home during the winter can be tricky, but also very beneficial. Here are some tips to make sure you properly prepare your home for the market. First, take a... Read More

    How Our 10K Elite Program Helps Your Home Stand Out

    By Goran and Lisa Forss | October 5, 2016

    How do you make your home stand out from the crowd when you’re selling? When you list with Team Forss, your home will already stand out with our marketing. We spend tens of thousands every month to help make your home stand out by methodically investing where you get the biggest return but we go... Read More

    Is Now the Right Time to Sell? Let’s Take a Look

    By Goran and Lisa Forss | September 30, 2014

    Are you thinking about selling your home here in Temecula or another of our local communities? If so, you’re likely wondering if now is the best time to sell, or if you should wait until sometime later in the year or into 2015. The good news is that you won’t have to wait – now... Read More

    How We Market Your Home to Attract the New Generation of Home Buyers

    By Goran and Lisa Forss | September 16, 2014

    Are you moving out of Temecula or making an upgrade to a newer or larger home? If you’re need to sell your current home you’ll want to know that you’re working with a real estate team that understands the current home buying climate and what buyers are looking for. In today’s blog post we’ll share... Read More

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