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How Smart is Your Temecula Home?

Your home should be your escape. After a busy day of work or play, you expect your home to allow you the rest and relaxation needed. In this case, technology is here to help and improve your home. The best home tech elements are those that work quietly in the background to make your home safe and sound, efficient and ready to answer your immediate needs. If you are selling a home in Temecula, keep in mind that most buyers are ahead of the technological trends and your home should be as well.

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Keyless Door Locks: A primary concern in owning a home is keeping it safe from intruders. One of the first steps to take right now in order to secure your home is by installing a smart lock. The keyless lock is fully operable from your smartphone and allows easy entry for guests when you are away. It also records who has entered and exited the home and lets you double check that you have locked up the house. Imagine the convenience of being able to unlock the door when burdened with groceries. This is a fantastic example of technology that combines safety and convenience.

Video Doorbell: This is another great tool not only for security, but also for convenience. It facilitates monitoring your front door in case you need to screen guests before answering. If no one is home, the video doorbell will take a picture each time the bell is pushed so there will be no question as to the identity of the person on your porch while you were gone.


Many appliances are now Wi-Fi enabled to allow access to helpful applications such as the newest smart refrigerator with an LCD screen that lets you browse for recipes or get a quick weather report when you’re waiting for your morning coffee to brew. Some will even maintain an updated grocery list.


Have you been trying for a green thumb for years with no luck? With a personal gardening assistant, tending that garden will give you the green thumb you deserve. Sensors strategically planted in the garden function as soil monitors to provide important reports on the current air temperature, the humidity and even the PH balance of the soil. The reports are sent to the cloud to help set up a gardening plan for the upcoming season. First impressions and curb appeal are vital and with tools such as these, you can explain how easy it is to be a master gardener (with a little help of course). If buyers see these technologies put to good use and detailed in home descriptions it is much easier for them to imagine using the tools themselves. Homeowners with properties located in California especially need to pay close attention when they are considering upgrades of any type around their homes. This is the land of new technology and entrepreneurship, updates such as these reflect a certain creativity on the part of the homeowners.

If you are brainstorming ways for your home to be more tech savvy or researching various updates to complete before you sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Need to continue the home sale research process? Take a look at our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home for full details about the entire selling process.

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