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How to Grow a Container Garden | Temecula CA

Container gardening is an excellent way to have fresh veggies, herbs and flora to add to your home no matter how small. As well as allowing you to grow vegetables in a limited space, there is another great benefit to enjoy from “salad bowl” gardening. You can use this technique to grow vegetables even in the winter. There are many cool weather crops that you can plant during the winter in Temecula to enjoy some delicious salads all year round.

Photo by The USDA via Flickr
Photo by The USDA via Flickr

Container Garden Checklist

One of the great things about  container gardening is that it doesn’t require you to purchase several materials. Only a few key pieces are needed for this project. You can start by gathering some basic containers. The containers can be any shape you want. They need to be at least six inches deep with drainage holes at the bottom.

You will also need some potting soil. Almost any potting soil will do, but try to avoid potting soils that have a lot of bark in them. You will also need the plants you want to grow. You can use seeds, but you can accelerate the process by buying seedlings from a local nursery. If you use a potting soil that comes with fertilizer, it will save you the hassle of mixing fertilizer into the soil yourself.

How to Begin with a Container Garden

Once you have the materials together, you want to plant your veggies and plants. Start by planting the seeds or seedlings roughly four inches apart in the containers filled with potting soil. Plant the same types of crops in individual containers. In other words, don’t mix types of plants in the same container. You should have only one type of plant in each individual container.

When you have the containers planted, place them in a spot that will receive at least six hours of sunshine per day. Water them when they need it. When the containers are easy to lift, this means the soil is dry and needs water. When you water, pour water in the soil until it comes out the bottom of the container through the drainage holes. The plants from such a small garden should be ready within a month or two.

Plants Specifically for Container Gardens

Lettuces are the most popular plants for container vegetable gardens. You can plant any type of lettuce you want. Other leafy greens will also work well. These include arugula, spinach, Swiss chard, Chinese mustard, tatsoi and spicy red mustard. All of these crops will survive well in the fall and winter months. They can stand temperatures as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Some nice herbs you can plant in your salad bowl garden include dill, parsley and cilantro.


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