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How to Lose a Buyer in 10 Days: Temecula, CA

When trying to sell a home in Temecula, sellers need their previously owned homes to stand out among all the new construction homes available. However, the market is rebounding and housing prices are on the rise in desirable areas and communities with all the people moving into the area with money to spend on quality housing. Of course, there are a few things that can turn buyers away with a single glance, that would in essence lose them in much less than ten days. However, if you can avoid these easy mistakes and follow along closely with your experienced real estate agent, then you should be well on your way to selling your home! 

Temecula CA Real Estate

What’s That Smell?

If a buyers walks into a home that smells, no amount of natural light and spacious closets will catch their interest. Smells can come from pets, cigarettes and years of stale air that have been long ignored. Do not try to cover up the smell. Instead, have your carpets and drapes professionally cleaned in order to remove smells.

Overpriced Homes

If a homeowner has gone against the advice of their real estate agent and insisted on pricing their home higher than comparable properties, they might find that very few buyers even come to look at their home. Buyers will spend their time viewing lower priced homes with all the same advantages.

Temecula CA Real Estate

Over-Personalize Everything

If a home has excessive clutter and family photos displayed everywhere, it is harder for prospective buyers to picture themselves living there. Clutter will also make a home seem smaller with less possibility.

Neglect Maintenance

If a home needs the light bulbs replaces or the sink faucet has a leak, prospective buyers will easily become concerned about smaller issues as well. It leads them to think that if the owner did not fix inexpensive and easy-fix issues that they also neglected larger more expensive problems.

Décor From Decades Gone By

Prospective buyers look at previously owned properties for a reason. But don’t give them a reason to crave new construction. If the property looks like it has jumped straight out of their grandparents’ home, they will be concerned that it is not modern enough and no one has put the money into needed renovations.

Outdated Wallpaper

Wallpaper reflects the style of the current homeowner. It will seldom be appealing to prospective buyers who just see it as an added expense and more work they will have to do, if they purchase this particular home.

Textural Ceilings

If the home was first built in the 1960s or 1970s, there will be popcorn or textural tiles on the ceiling. Over the years, the dated carpeting has been replaced, but the ceiling ignored. A seller should consider replacing it or offering a credit to the buyer since this will be something down the road that needs to be updated.

Sellers At Home

It is uncomfortable for prospective homebuyers to have the current owner there when they tour the house. They feel like the owner is watching their every move, or even worse that they can’t ask necessary questions at the fear of offending anyone.

Block Out Natural Light

When a seller lists their home, they publish pictures that show the home in the best light possible. However, sometimes those photographs hide serious issues. Make sure both your photos and your actual home is shown in the best light possible.

Lack Of Curb Appeal

If a buyer arrives at a home and the yard is a mess, it’s sometimes hard to imagine even going inside. A poorly maintained yard gives the impression of a poorly maintained home.

Selling a home can be an easy process, if the seller knows the tips and tricks to please prospective purchasers. A lot of the things that turn off buyers can be fixed quickly and inexpensively. For more information on how you can prepare your home to sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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