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How to Make Buyers Never Want to Leave

Selling a house is one thing, but selling the lifestyle of that home is a whole different ballgame. Located in Riverside County, Temecula has a population of more than 100,000 residents and is home to some of the largest employers in the area. Locals also love the green aspects of living in the community. If you want to sell your house fast, showcase the elements of your home that are reflective of a Southern California lifestyle. 

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Create an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Even in the dead of winter, Temecula still has very moderate temperatures. Those warmer temps give locals the chance to spend even more time outside. Appealing to potential buyers is easy when you create an outdoor entertaining area on your property that takes full advantage of your outdoor space. You might opt for something as simple as a few pieces of patio furniture and a grill, or you could add an established area with stones or pavers for outdoor entertaining. If you already have a built-in grill or stone seating areas, these are fantastic elements to accessorize and play up to buyers.

Emphasize Open Spaces

The next time you walk around your home, think about the flow and layout of the space. Do you spend a lot of time ducking under low light fixtures and slipping by heavy pieces of furniture? Temecula is home to a number of newer homes and newly constructed homes which offer open concept living spaces. So even if you don’t have an open floor plan, you can rearrange your furniture and decor to make it appear more open.

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Green Thumb Gardening

With warm temperatures year-round and endless sunny days, it’s no wonder why so many residents like getting their hands dirty outside. As long as you have a small plot of land in your backyard, you have enough space to add a garden or several raised beds. Use plant stakes to identify different types of plants and add a few gardening tools or potting area for extra emphasis. If you don’t have much outdoor space, consider adding a small window herb garden in your kitchen or wall hanging gardens on your porches.

Highlight Healthy Kitchens

Health and fitness is popular with Temecula residents, and you want interested buyers to not only love your kitchen, but appreciate the organization and commitment to healthy eating. Use a series of large glass jars placed on top of your cabinets, on a shelf in your kitchen or on top of the counters to showcase granola, nuts, dried fruit or other cooking supplies. Observing simple organization and healthy food helps buyers to imagine their family enjoying and eating in the kitchens.

Buyers are usually moving into the area because they want to enjoy the lifestyle that Temecula residents live in on a daily basis. In order to showcase that lifestyle along with that of Souther Californians, make sure to keep your outdoor space top-notch, your kitchens organized and space open and welcoming. For more information about creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home that makes buyers never want to leave, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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