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How to Prepare for Your Move to Temecula, CA

Moving to a new home in Temecula, California may be necessary for a job relocation or to be near family and friends. Whether you move from another state or a nearby city, preparing and surviving a move takes consideration of your home’s size and family needs. Temecula offers beautiful vistas with hot air balloons decorating the skylines around wine-tasting vineyards. Once you are settled, you can explore your new town.

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As soon as you know your moving dates, call a moving company. Movers are often booked months in advance, especially around the end or beginning of the month. Ask friends and family for any mover references. Each company has its own reputation. You want your personal belongings safe with efficient and reasonable charges. Go over move-out and move-in dates with your movers. If your home is not ready by the time you arrive, you need to schedule motels and a secure storage location for your items. Arrange for your utilities to turn on at your new home during move-in day, so you have electricity and water.

Select a well-reviewed moving company, such as:

  • Ironclad Moving Systems
  • Ez Moving

Contact Ironclad Moving Systems at 951-215-6683 and Ez Moving at 951-378-7226.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Goods

If you have a closet that hasn’t been opened in five years, it is time to clean out the clutter. Donate or throw away any unwanted goods. Planned moving provides the perfect time to remove old items, so there is less to unpack at the new home. Any items you want to keep, including valuable heirlooms, should be packed immediately to start the moving process.

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Packing Supplies & Packing Appropriately

Ask local retailers, including markets and liquor stores, for their used cardboard boxes. When it comes to moving, cardboard boxes are one of the most expensive items if they are brand new. Gather boxing tape, markers, bubble wrap and old newspapers. Beginning with items you almost never use, start packing and cushioning your items with bubble wrap or newspaper. Make a list of all the boxed items on a sheet of paper and cross-reference those items with a box number. Mark each box with a number to keep all the items organized.

Don’t Overlook The Pets & Children

Comfort your pets with treats to help them through the move. They may be nervous or scared with all the commotion. Place them in a pet-approved crate while the movers work inside your home or have neighbors watch them until you physically leave. At the new house, make sure the yard is secure with gates or sturdy doors. You do not want to lose your pet the first week. Allow them to move within the house under your supervision to smell and experience the new home. Place pet bedding and food in a centralized area so they are part of the family and learn to acclimate to the new space.

Your children may be frightened of the move, depending on their age. Engage their sense of discovery and have them explore the home with an adult. Ask them to unpack simple items, such as dish towels, to keep them part of the process. Go outside together and enjoy the beautiful Temecula scenery. Ask your children to think of pretty flowers that can be planted to spruce up the yard. By helping the adults, children feel calmer and sure of their place in the new home. Visit a local nursery for the flowers and allow yourselves to explore downtown to get an idea of the local events. Stop by a playground to meet new friends and to get some exercise after unpacking.

Moving to Temecula, CA

Inevitably, you won’t be able to find one key item when you arrive. Try to avoid a frantic search through sealed boxes and create a personal box. Fill this box with immediate needs, from toothbrushes to dish detergent. At the end of move-in day, you’ll be understandably exhausted. Allow the boxes to sit unopened and relax with your family. Your organized move to Temecula will slowly be unpacked and feel like a home with some overnight rest.

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