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How to Sell Your Temecula Home this Fall

The timing behind the sale of your Temecula home is always an important factor. Seasonality plays a big part in real estate transactions across the nation, and as the industry starts to cool off during the Fall months, it can get a little harder to sell your home. The majority of prospective buyers have already shopped for their next home to coincide with the start of the school year. Children are doing homework, parents are keeping up with work, and the holidays (meant for vacation & relaxation) are right around the corner. As fall starts to count on into the winter, there are less people looking to make a move (unless they have some major family change or job relocation).

As a result, selling your home can be more difficult, but it does have it’s advantages. There’s less competition and you can use the season to help sell your property in Temecula. Here’s how:

Temecula Home Paint in the Fall
by Greymark Construction Company

1. Trim, Cut, and Plant

Curbside appeal still plays a big part into the fall season. Just by trimming hedges, mowing the lawn, pulling overgrown weeds, and removing dead plants can make the front property look larger. The fall Temecula weather is warm enough to support planting fragrant, blooming perennials, which will add eye appeal for a good first impression.

2. Paint

Make sure the sunny, warm, and dry summer weather conditions haven’t damaged the exterior window frames. If there is chipping, scratch off just the top layer of the frames and purchase paint with colors that match your home style, as well as the theme of the neighborhood. Re-paint areas that need touching up. Also, don’t neglect the front door, which according to the principles of Feng Shui, is the entrance to your heart. Changing the color of your door can make it pop from the curbside. You can also add bold colors to the exterior of your home, yet keep it in line with the theme of Temecula’s unique communities. A gallon of paint, featuring at least two coats, will give your front door the right marketing attraction. If you have a patio, try applying a fresh coat of stain protector on it to give it a new, glossy look.

What fresh paint does for your home’s sale potential is make it look new. Home buyers will definitely notice the “fresh” quality to the home, despite the change in seasons.

3. Exterior Accessories

Temecula homeowner’s see their home everyday, so little details may often miss their attention. Consider replacing your home numeral address fixtures with new, stylish numbers. Replace or update your door knob or handles with stylish appeal. You would be surprised at how these simple changes present an enticing view for potential home buyers. You can even apply it to interior furnishings as well, such as cabinet door handles and sink fixtures.

Temecula Night Light Home
by Studio H Landscape Architecture

4. Lighting for Curb Appeal

Since the Temecula fall sunset is between 5:30 and 6:30pm PST, you may not have many potential home buyers stopping by your home, however, they may drive by, so that they can return another day. This is why you must consider curbside lighting techniques, which will highlight your beautiful home. Use economical solar light stakes to light the ground entrance way, as well as LED light fixtures on the porch to give a soft, dramatic effect, in addition to saving you money, while the house is on the market.

If you’re house looks beautiful at night, potential buyers will make it a point to return another day to view your house.

Selling Your Temecula Home

If you’d like more information about selling your home in the Temecula area, contact us or read our free home seller’s eBook:

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