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How Valuable Wine Makes a Valuable Home

When we talk about home values, we often imagine upgrading the kitchen with new appliances or granite counter tops. We might even start brainstorming ideas on how to improve the bathroom with new furnishings and tile. All of this is done in hopes of increasing our home’s value. However, there’s one influencing factor that most home sellers and real estate agents overlook: Lifestyle.

Temecula Vineyard House
by Claudia Leccacorvi

Selling Lifestyle

How many times have we heard the routine saying, “De-clutter and de-personalize your home to sell?” Though it is beneficial to get rid of clutter and take down some of the family photos, your lifestyle shouldn’t be hidden in the closet or packed away in storage. Lifestyle is one of the most convincing factors when it comes to selling. An easy example would be beachfront homes. Let’s say you have a custom-built surfboard rack in your garage or an outdoor shower to rinse off the sand. These are deciding factors (major pluses) that will convince a home buyer to make an offer on your home and ultimately increase its value. These are also things that contribute to the lifestyle of the area — which is heading to the beach and having fun. Why else would someone be buying a home on the beach?

Temecula’s Lifestyle

Now the bigger question is what is Temecula’s lifestyle? Though the Valley area has many qualities and characteristics a home buyer could adore, I believe there’s one thing that is truly unique about the area. It’s wineries. Situated all along Wine Country, we can’t help but find ourselves gazing at the rolling vineyards and secretly wishing we could be relaxing and drinking wine at the moment. In a way, the vineyards are a symbol of Temecula’s relaxed atmosphere. So, why not bring a piece of that to your home? Complementing one of the city’s most popular attractions could easily convince a home buyer that your property is the right home for them.

This is why we’re showcasing how wine can make your home more valuable — with creative ideas on how to incorporate wine in your home. Set aside those kitchen renovations and bathroom upgrades, and consider one of these wine projects:

A Simple & Easy Starter Project

Temecula Winery
by Synergy Design & Construction

Turning Closet Space into Wine Space — a Much Better Sell

Temecula Wine Closet
by Claudio Ortiz Design Group, Inc.

Making Shelves Useful

Temecula Wine Built In
by Claudia Leccacorvi

Getting Fancy in the Kitchen

Temecula Wine Cellar in Kitchen
by Jim Schmid Photography

For the Real Wine Connoisseur

Temecula Home Wine Cellar
by Norelco Cabinets Ltd

Selling the Lifestyle of Wine

If you’ve been looking to give your home a unique edge before it goes on sale, one of the above wine projects might get you what you’ve been looking for: an eager home buyer. By showcasing wine, you’ll not only catch attention with your special home feature, you’ll sympathize with the buyer’s dreams. Adding in a few “lifestyle” touches can drastically improve your chances of selling and making a return investment. If you’d like to talk more about selling your home, contact us or see how much your home is worth.

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