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How You Can Help Drive the Sale of Your Temecula, CA Home

The residential real estate market in and around Temecula, CA has certainly improved compared to a few years ago. At the same time, the seller of a Temecula home is operating in a very competitive environment. Other sellers are out there that are very eager to sell their homes as well. Inevitably, it’s a competition, and it is incumbent upon the seller to use any tools possible to help to drive that sale. So, in this article, we’ll discuss some things that you can do to get your home in Temecula sold.

Thanks in large part to the Internet, buyers are more highly educated and aware than ever before. In fact, the vast majority of prospective home buyers do extensive research on the Internet before they ever set foot inside a Temecula home that is for sale. This means both “good news” and “bad news” for the seller. On one hand, the days of the random visits that sometimes turned into lucky sales are largely over. At the same time, the good news is that buyers who choose to visit your home are likely to be more focused and more interested than ever before. Taking advantage of these important visits is essential in selling your home promptly and at a good price.

Therefore, here are some things that you can do to make a potential buyer’s visit as effective as possible — that is, here are some things that you can do to drive the sale of your home:

Temecula CA Real Estate

Less Than A Minute

Whether buyers are conscious of it or not, they often develop rather instant impressions of a home that is for sale. Some informed observers have suggested that literally four out of five buyers make a decision to purchase in about the first 45 seconds. The good news is that an astute seller can use this phenomenon to his/her advantage. Other sellers that you are competing with may miss details that you can successfully attend to, such as:

Curb Appeal Is Important

Take a moment to stand out on the curb, and try to visualize your property from the perspective of one that is never seen it. Look for those details that might sour that first impression and potentially destroy a sale. Are there bushes or hedges that could be more precisely trimmed? Today’s home buyer often likes things that are crisp and clean, both inside and out. Some scraggly overgrown shrubs could possibly be removed entirely. A skilled architect once designed your home’s facade. Don’t hide it behind out-of-control foliage growth. Then, ask yourself, “what can I do with some fresh mulch?” One can freshen up the yard very quickly with some new mulch. Consider a mulch like cedar that exudes a pleasant scent to those that are touring the yard.

Imagine what some blooming flowers could do to improve first impressions. Particularly focus your attention around the front entrance where your buyer will inevitably arrive. Consider hanging baskets, planters, or any other means for displaying flowers that are selected based on their blooming potential over the next few weeks.

Entering Your Home

Take a moment to stand at the very entrance to your home and imagine how the foyer and other elements look for the first-time visitor. New types of LED lighting could be used in dynamic and artistic ways to create drama at the entrance. Again, think about fragrance. A fragrant bouquet on a credenza can add both color and an enticing scent for a buyer forming a first impression.

All of this attention to detail can have a powerful effect in another way. Consciously or not, buyers will be attracted to Temecula homes that are closer to “move-in” condition. Most buyers have enough on their mind as it is. They don’t want to be thinking about all the extra work that their brand-new home will require. In this regard, buyers are drawn to homes like partners are drawn to relationships. They are not as interested in homes that need some work! Truly focusing on a buyer’s initial moments on your property can help to generate that special chemistry that needs to be there between the buyer and your home. “Love at first sight” may mean that a sale is imminent.

Selling Your Home in Temecula, CA

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