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Temecula, CA Schools: Get The Best Education Possible

The Temecula Valley Unified School District comprises a number of neighborhoods in Riverside County, California including Temecula, Murrieta and Winchester. This is a large district with over 25,000 students enrolled from kindergarten to twelfth grade. To accommodate this number of students, the school district is home to 33 different schools, most of which are rated very highly.

Temecula Classroom

Programs For Success

Their mission statement, “High quality teaching and learning for all.” can be seen reflected in their many student support programs. There is special attention paid to students who have difficulties in traditional classroom settings through the Alternative Education program which provides routine access to school councilors. Online coursework with supplemental on-campus labs and unit exams are available through this programs as well, ensuring that each child is receiving the full benefit of this unique course of education. The Career Technical Education program prepares students destined for the work force after graduation to succeed in the daily challenges of everyday career life, providing an alternative to more traditional college preparatory curriculum.

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National and State Standards

The Temecula School District takes further steps to ensure the performance of their campuses meet or exceed national standards by participating in Program Improvement. This benefit of the No Child Left Behind Act measures the academic achievement of the district’s students, testing for language and mathematics skill, as well as the percentage of children who take standardized exams. Along with the California state requirements, called the Academic Performance Index, the Temecula School District has a wide range of academic regulations and protocols to ensure their’s is an educational system worthy of the community’s children.

Notable Awards

The California State Board of Education awards the status of “California Distinguished School” to those campuses that display an exemplary quality of education. Only approximately five percent of the state’s institutions receive this title and Temecula Valley Unified School District has had four of it’s elementary and preparatory schools in 2012 alone awarded this honor . Notable among these distinguished institutions are the Nicolas Valley Elementary School, the Chaparral High School and Vail Ranch Middle School campuses. With each educational level of the district’s schools having at least one campus awarded the title since 2007, it can be fairly stated that this is a high quality educational environment any family can feel confident in.

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