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Easy Tips to Hang Holiday Lights

With the holidays approaching, your Temecula neighborhood may be already planning an elaborate lighting spectacle. Whether you add a few subtle strings or an entire sleigh and Santa’s reindeer, there are several decorations available and safety reminders you should keep in mind as you hang lights. From your power source to securing the light strings, check out our tips to holiday lights below!

Temecula Holiday Light Displays
Photo by George Deputee

Where to Hang Outdoor Lights

Almost any surface is a candidate for holiday lights, including rooflines, fence lines and around the front door. Line your potted plants with lights and flank the driveway with lights offset from the concrete surface to avoid damage from vehicles. Outline windows and wrap posts with lights along with light nets for shrubbery. Similar to a spider’s web, these nets create great light without a lot of effort. And don’t forget your backyard. With so many single family homes in Temecula, your backyard is a prime location for holiday lights to illuminate the space during parties.

Tips On Hanging Outdoor Lights

Measure your lighting space to estimate your light string quantity. Next step, locate your power source. Ideally, your power outlet should be on a GFCI, or ground-fault circuit interrupter, circuit to prevent fire hazards and shock. Use a power stake if you do not have GFCI circuits. These stakes allow you to plug in multiple light strings without overloading the circuit. In general, only connect three strings to one power outlet at a time.

Read, Set, Go!

Before climbing up on a ladder, plug each light string into an outlet to check operation. You do not want to decorate with a bad light string. Attach a bucket with an S hook to your ladder to hold plastic clips and the light strings. With a friend spotting the ladder’s base, climb and attach the holiday lights to your home on a sunny and windless day using work gloves. Use the plastic clips as directed by the manufacturer to avoid damaging your outdoor paint or siding. Plug the lights into your GFCI outlet or power stake to test the decorations.

Indoor Holiday Lights

Look around your home and pinpoint all the traditional areas meant for holiday light decoration, from your stairwell rail to window frames. Hang holiday lights around framed pictures, your fireplace, on wreaths, and around your Christmas tree. Choose battery-operated lights for difficult installations, including the wreath on your front door, to avoid dangling power cords.

Use double-sided or transparent tape to secure holiday lights. Each light strand should be tested before installation. Start your Christmas tree light decoration at its peak and work your way down to the base. You can continue adding lights until you are satisfied with the overall appearance.

Temecula’s cool holiday season makes it a perfect time to deck your home with numerous holiday lights. Stay safe during installation and discard any lights that are broken or frayed. Happy holidays start with a wondrous light display.

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