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How to Make Your Temecula Home Stand out in the Spring Market

With the spring selling season right around the corner, many homeowners have asked us how to get the “WOW” factor for the first buyers who walk into your home. Today, we share some tips to help you make your home stand out among the rest of the competition in the busy spring market. Lisa Forss pull quote

  1. Use a Magic Eraser: It’s roughly $2 for a box, but these do an incredible job of making hard surfaces look spotless. It gets permanent marker off the walls, fingerprints off the baseboards, and food residue off the floors, among many other things.
  2. Vinegar: This can help you keep the toilets fresh and can be used to clean windows and mirrors as well. It’s yet another cheap cleaning item that can help you make your home look like new.
  3. Dryer sheets: Throw some of these at the bottom of your trash cans to neutralize odors. Also, rub dryer sheets over your furniture and carpet to give them a fresh smell and remove pet hair.
  4. Declutter the house: You’re going to move anyway – pack up everything you don’t need and move it out of the house. It’s best to keep decor to a minimum, as you don’t want to put off any potential buyers.

When your home looks empty to you, it’s ready to sell. Of course, if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to give us a shout! We’re always available to help you accomplish your selling goals!

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