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What Are Buyers Willing to Sacrifice?

Are you giving some thought to selling your house or condo in the Temecula Valley? One of the most important aspects of selling real estate is having a keen understanding of what makes your buyers ‘tick’ – information that can come in handy, especially during the negotiation period. In this post we’ll share some insight into what compromises buyers are willing to make in order to get the features and amenities they want in their new home.

What Will Buyers Compromise On?

Younger Buyers Are Quicker to Compromise

As they have experience purchasing homes and as their next home purchase is likely to be one of their last, it probably comes as little surprise that older home buyers are much less willing to make compromises than younger or first-time buyers. A recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS® showed that more than half of buyers 58 and older stated that they made zero compromises on their recent home purchase, compared with just 28 percent of younger buyers.

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Buyers Will Give a Bit to Get a Deal Closed – But Just a Bit

Today’s homebuyers are willing to bend during the negotiation period – but just a bit. As such it’s important to ensure that you are offering attractive features and amenities in order to sweeten the deal and get your sale closed. In the latest PulteGroup Home Index Survey, more than 29 percent of respondents indicated that the kitchen was the most important area when choosing a new home, followed by the master bedroom at 22 percent and the living room at 18 percent. If you’re investing in upgrades, focus on high-impact additions like stainless-steel kitchen appliances and granite countertops, and consider modernizing the master bedroom to enhance its appeal.

Most Buyers Are Willing to Commute

Don’t worry if your home is on the outskirts of Temecula or in one of the surrounding communities as data suggests that most buyers are willing to commute if it means getting the home that they desire. Further, as more than 44 percent of buyers were willing to give up being close to public transportation, if your home isn’t near an RTA stop it is unlikely to hurt your sale either.

Lack of Restaurants or Entertainment? No Problem

You might be worried about your prospects if there are few shops or restaurants nearby, but this isn’t something to dwell on. More than a third of buyers indicate that they are willing to forego access to shopping and entertainment in order to secure their dream home. Of course, if you have a few great restaurants in your area, be sure to mention them!

When you’re ready to sell your Temecula home, you’ll be best served working with experienced professionals who understand how to sell houses in our community. Contact the Allison James Estates and Homes team today at (951) 760-6027 or by email and we’ll be happy to show you how our approach to real estate marketing will quickly attract serious buyers who will be ready to make a purchase.

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