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Why Some Houses Sit and Others Sell

When a person in Temecula, California has a home to sell (or anywhere for that matter), they are looking to get the best price possible on their investment. Pricing and condition of the property are the two things that move property rapidly in the current market.

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Consider the Facts

The asking price should be decided depending on the location, condition and local home comparisons. Buyers, in looking for a home, view many properties. If the asking price is aggressive in relation to other homes in the area it will not sell quickly.

Why Is the Home Not Selling

If a home has been on the market for two weeks, has been viewed with no offers, this should be a sign the price may be too far above nearby comparables. In other words, buyers are looking for the most they can get for their money and they are looking at other homes that are just as good but at a lower price. If the price is set too high, in competitive real estate you will be considered “out of the market.”

Expedite the Home Sale

To avoid an “out of the market” situation and have a sale within a reasonable amount of time it is important to do some research. By viewing real estate sites, you can easily view how similar properties are priced. Talking to a real estate agent is essential and visiting similar properties on the market will provide an idea of what is and what is not selling.

Property Prep:

  • Curb appeal: Having a property look bright, clean and inviting is vital for first impressions. This includes not only the lawn, but also the home’s outdoor space.
  • Cleanliness: This means from top to bottom: cleaning countertops, de-cluttering and opening up and organizing space.
  • Brighten Up: Fresh flowers, clean windows and a few attractive pictures are always appealing
  • Living Space: Neutral tones for walls and furniture are always a plus. Re-paint if necessary and add slip covers to provide a fresh look for aged furniture.


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