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Why You Should Consider Solar Power For Your Home

In today’s world, solar power has moved to the forefront as the most accessible means for homeowners to generate clean electricity. In this post we’ll shed some light on the current state of residential solar power systems and why they’re an excellent choice if you’re a homeowner here in Temecula.

Let it Shine: True Cost and Efficiency of Solar Power
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Forget Any Past Perceptions About Solar

First – let’s clear the slate about solar. Solar power used to be costly, inefficient and a major burden to install and maintain, but those days are over. Modern solar panel systems are robust, have a far greater efficiency and most come with a 25 to 30 year warranty ensuring you won’t be worrying about dust or early panel damage.

Upfront and Long-term Operational Costs

As with any home upgrade, there will be upfront costs for your solar panel system and its installation, and they could be somewhat surprising. However, it’s important to consider the overall long-term costs when you’re making an investment in solar. For example, your home’s value will increase accordingly as any future owner won’t need to worry about electric bills. You’ll also save an immense amount on ever-rising electricity costs and as mentioned below, might even be paid as a positive contributor to the grid. Home solar systems are an investment, but one that won’t depreciate very quickly – if at all.

Giving Back to the Grid – and Getting Paid

Did you know that your solar panels can not only save you money – you can actually get paid to use them? Here in Temecula, Southern California Edison operates on a ‘Net Energy Metering’ basis, which means that you are charged when you use energy from the grid (at night, for example) and are issued a credit when your solar panels are contributing excess energy into the grid. If you are careful with your energy use and have a sizeable solar panel system you will find that it pays itself off rather quickly.

Look for Incentives and Tax Credits

There are major tax incentives for purchasing and installing residential solar here in California, so make sure you do your research and leverage these to their full extent. According to the government’s Go Solar California website, homeowners can receive an input tax credit of 30% of the total cost of the system. Note that this is a one-time credit that can only be carried forward in certain circumstances. Low-income residences can also make use of the state’s SASH or Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing program which offers a $10,000 incentive for fully subsidized systems. Again, do your research to ensure you qualify or check with a residential solar vendor who will be able to explain your options.

Choosing to ‘go solar’ means choosing to improve your quality of life and that of your neighbors as well. If you’re looking for a solar-enabled home here in Temecula, the team here at Allison James Estates and Homes can assist you with your search. Contact us by phone at (951) 760-6027 or by email by clicking here.

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