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Temecula: Utilities Guide

Temecula, California is a wonderland of beauty, friendliness, economic growth, and year round fun activities. Affordable housing, fine dining, unique shopping centers, and popular wine vineyeards in the Temecula Valley are a draw for people around the nation. To provide utilities for these varied lifestyles requires a vast system that has earned many energy saving awards. To help you get settled into your new Temecula home, we’ve compiled a list of utility companies that serve the Temecula area:

Temecula CA Utilities
by Stefan Andrej Shambora

1. Electricity:

  • Southern California Edison
  • 1-800-655-4555

Southern California Edison (“SCE”) has been delivering reliable electrical services to resident’s and businesses in the city of Temecula, as well as Southern and Central California for over 125 years. SCE has annually received accolades for its economical and innovative, energy saving solutions. SCE is installing smart meters on all residential, corporate, and industrial buildings. The smart meters have proven to reduce greenhouse gases and smog pollutants.

SCE provides different programs to fit the electrical needs of the Temecula community. SCE offers rebates on Energy Star appliances, the Energy Upgrade California program, offers up to $4,000 for office and home improvements, and changing your A/C to an energy efficient system is a rebate offering. Before you move to Temecula, contact the SCE, who has a moving center, which will work with you to get your utilities turned on before you move into your new home.

The SCE also offers money saving programs like the “Our Save Power Days,” which rewards its customers when they reduce their energy use between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on certain days throughout the year. SCE provides various payment options to make it easier for downtown Temecula resident’s and business owners, as well as outlying Temecula neighborhoods.

2. Water and Sewage

  • Rancho California Water District
  • 42135 Winchester Road – Temecula
  • (951) 296-6900

The Rancho California Water District (“RCWD”) is responsible for operating, furnishing, and maintaining the water and wastewater facilities throughout the Rancho District. RCWD collects its drinking and useable water from natural sources like rain, basins, aquifers, Vail Lake and Lake Skinner. RCWD purchases treated water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Northern California, and the Colorado River. Businesses and homes in Temecula receive a combination of well water and imported treated water.

RCWD is in constant touch with its customers in how to save money on their water bills, through monthly tips, rebates, and workshops. Newcomers to the Temecula community, are asked to contact the RCWD’s Engineering Services Department to find out, what kind of water needs they require and the type of water supplied in their neighborhood. RCWD’s Santa Rosa Water Reclamation Facility is responsible for the pre-treatment programs. It is regulated by the EPA and the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

3. Natural Gas:

  • Southern California Gas Company
  • Residential Customers — 1-877-238-0092
  • Commercial & Industrial Customers – 1-800-427-2000

If you are moving to Temecula, contact the Southern California Gas Company (“SoCalGas”) in advance of your move, and they will start services for you. Simply call them, give them some personal information, as well as a one time $25 fee, and your natural gas utilities will be turned on, at the time that you designate. The city of Temecula, Southern California, and parts of Central California has been served by SoCalGas for over 140 years.

SoCalGas works with the California Public Utilities Commission to supply cost effective and quality natural gas to its customers. SoCalGas provides all of its customers in Temecula information on how to read their own meters to monitor their use and to save money in the process. Standard bill assistance programs, home improvement rebates, medical payment assistance, and low income energy assistance programs are provided by SoCalGas to Temecula homes and businesses.

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