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Temecula vs Fallbrook: Which Will You Choose?

Thinking of relocating to Temecula or Fallbrook, CA? If you are, then you’ll want to take into consideration things like the housing market, job opportunities, proximity to attractions, and educational opportunities. If your dream is to live in a small community, then Fallbrook may be for you, but if you wish to be nearer to large city amenities like art galleries and museums, then Temecula may be the better choice. Here are the differences between the two:

Real Estate

While both Temecula and Fallbrook offer affordable options for housing, there are distinct differences in each city’s real estate market. For Temecula, the median home price is a little lower than Fallbrook, however, you’ll find an assortment of condos, townhouses, and single-family homes centered around an active city environment. For Fallbrook, you’ll receive a more charming, close-knit community to live in centered around a small, hometown feeling. Housing can vary, but Fallbrook generally features gorgeous real estate that appeals to many families.

Temecula CA Real Estate

Job Opportunities

Because Temecula is a larger metropolitan center than Fallbrook, there are a greater number of employment opportunities in the city. However, if you choose to live in Fallbrook, you’ll only be a short drive away from Temecula. This gives you the opportunity to choose where you want to live while still being able to find the perfect job.

Area Attractions

Temecula has wonderful shopping venues, a diversity of unique restaurants and parks, community swimming pools and recreational activities, although it is an hour away from the Pacific ocean. In Fallbrook, you will find more cultural attractions like museums, art galleries, and the symphony. For those who love to spend time at the beach, they’re only a half-hour away.

Educational Opportunities

Because Temecula is the larger of the two cities, there are more opportunities for furthering your education. In Temecula, you will find a wide range of colleges and universities, including a school for golfers, a Baptist college and schools that major in business. There are very few colleges and universities located in Fallbrook, but educational opportunities are available in nearby cities of San Diego and Temecula.

Temecula vs Fallbrook

Temecula has been rated the number one “best place to live in the U.S.” People love it here because of its warm, sunny weather. The area is known for the lovely vineyards and scenic views. Fallbrook has a lovely small town feel with friendly people and beautiful views of the mountains. Each city is unique, with a variety of interesting shops and boutiques, a diversity of restaurants and a variety of activities for the family to enjoy.

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